Efficient solutions for text and image infringement detection, title optimization, and legal counsel—all in the same place.

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Natural Language processing

Our machine learning model detects infingements based on listing information such as price, product description and customer reviews, while at the same time self-improving its accuracy based on patterns it finds among confirmed infringements.

Image Recognition

Our deep-learning-based image recognition model scans through millions of product listings online in order to quickly and accurately fin potentially infringing listings with images containing the protected product.

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AI Powered Smart Insights

What will happen to your brand or your product listings if some other company A is suing B? Or when a new trademark pops out somewhere? Or some changes made in how others' describing their "things"? We'll help you discover insights that you may never know otherwise.

Largest Knowledge Graph in the Field

Our knowledge graph connects entities such as products, trademarks, and lawsuits in a giant web. Our AI systems look at the web all the time so that you can make efficient and well informed decisions easily.

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Big Data

All the above intelligence is being derived from the data universe of the eCommerce, intellectural property, and trademark litigation. Our data engine is the biggest "blackhole" in that universe.