How To Generate A Trademark Registrability Report In Less Than 3 Mins?

The trademark registrability exam is one of the most frequent tasks one performs before the application starts. Even at the designing phase, the designers want to know if there’re similar visual/textural elements already there. The brand owners and the attorney would also want to do the due diligence.

With the existing tools, i.e. USPTO search and others, creators must manually parse through loads of information across the web. This is very time-intensive and requires precision. They cannot know for certain if perhaps something slipped through–if they really checked the far reaches of the internet. A certain amount of guesswork is always involved, and what’s worse is when the trademark office approves these applications.

This is where comes in. Huski’s industry-first brand search & insight engine brings simplicity and peace of mind to the trademark registration process. With Huski, in a matter of seconds, you can search through tens of millions of trademarks, images, or texts that share similar visuals/themes to your brand. Huski also provides a trademark infringement analysis in less than three minutes. Let’s see how it’s done.

First, go to the “Registrability Analysis” tab and fill in the info. (Done in 30 sec) We’re using our own brand info for this demo.

Second, wait 10 sec, give or take, and see the results with complete coverage of similar text (exact match, photonics, fuzzy) and image (similarity)

Third, go through the list, see the details of any of the trademarks, and select the most related ones for your trademark registrability report. (Done in 1 min)

Click “Generate Report” and that’s it!

Here is how our report looks like. It contains a comprehensive analysis of the likelihood of your trademark being approved. I did it in less than 2 mins, but you could have some extra time to customize the report.

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