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Brand Protection Tools For The Entire Trademark Lifecycle

Searching & Maintenance
  • Trademark Search Engine​

    Text and image searching to find meaningful results and insights faster.​

  • Reports & Opinions​​​​​

    Focus on analyzing your results, not formatting them​.

  • Office Action Management

    Stay on top of important actions and deadlines.

Opposition & Enforcement​​
  • USPTO Conflict Monitoring​

    Automatically detect conflicting text and design marks you may wish to oppose​.

  • ​​Online Store Infringement Analysis​​​

    A one-time scan and risk analysis of an online storefront​.​​​

  • ​​eCommerce Infringement Monitoring​​​

    ​​​Monitor millions of listings for threats to your clients’ assets. ​

One Image Search, Multiple Analyses

One Image Search, Multiple Analyses

Access Key Information At A Glance

Access Key Information At A Glance

Find Relevant Results Faster

Save hours of time by uploading an image and finding all similar marks in seconds.

Design Search Codes Optional

Design Search Code vs. Intelligent Image Search

Design Search Code v.s. Intelligent Image Search

The same design search code can yield results far from similar.

Design Search Code v.s. Intelligent Image Search

Using image search.

As Easy As Google, Built Specifically For Trademark Analysis

General Search Engine vs. Intelligent Trademark Search

Design Search Code v.s. Intelligent Image Search

No Screenshots Required

Compile your search results into a client-ready report with just a few clicks.

Design Search Code v.s. Intelligent Image Search

Image Recognition: Usage Beyond Searching

Reduce risk with the most powerful AI-powered image recognition technology available.

Catch Potential Conflicts

USTPO SN: 79104538


USTPO SN: 85241837


USTPO SN: 90739526


USTPO SN: 97119579


USTPO SN: 97200301


USTPO SN: 97166553

Catch Potential Infringements

Accurate brand recognition in real-life contexts.

Catch Potential Infringements:Hello Kitty
Catch Potential Infringements: Nike

On-Demand Online Store Scan

Skip the manual work and let Huski gather and compile evidence of infringement for you.

Let Huski AI help you generate new revenue streams
Portfolio Management, Supercharged

Portfolio Management, Supercharged

Have you ever wished you could have a bird’s eye view into your practice?

That’s what Huski is building for you.

Your dashboard gives you a complete overview of your clients, their assets, related office actions, and risks detected.

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Visualize Your Success

Your data comes together to create a stunning display of your accomplishments.

  • Pre-filled Profile
  • Analytical Insights
  • We Want To Braga For You

Protecting The Ownership Of Originality

Legal protection is essential to innovation, and you are on the frontlines.

We’ve built Huski to support the important work you’re doing.

Join us in building the foundation for a just and equitable creator economy.

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