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We are Huski!

Our mission is to guard intellectual properties used in commerce.

We believe innovation and humanity are the only factors moving this world forward.

We want to promote innovation by providing proactive planning, protections, and monitoring for its entire life cycle.

We want to help individuals, professionals, and businesses of all sizes to enjoy and benefit from process of innovation.

Huski is founded by a group of engineers and intellectual property litigation professionals.

We believe that promising technologies such as AI and Big Data can help us upscale IP services in a cheap and cost-effective way, so that it can be affordable for innovators at all stages.

About image
About image

Our Team

We are trail blazers, pacers, wizards, 76ers, we enjoy being Lakers and Cavaliers, and, after all, we are Golden State Warriors .


Come talk to us if you feel this article resonates with you.

We look for the best, we pay the best (that we can), and we deliver the best.

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Our Locations

Sillicon Valley, USA

Originated in Sillicon Valley, 2020. Then everything became remote.

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