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Huski.ai provides IP lawyers and their staff with cost-effective solutions to assist with the clearance, watching, and enforcement of their clients’ trademarks.

A Focus on Innovation

Legal protection is essential to innovation. Threats are everywhere – from counterfeiters to unintentional copycats who happened to have the same idea. However, brand protection services can be cost-prohibitive, which discourages innovation.

We believe that advancements in AI and the insights derived from Big Data can improve access to the IP system and upscale the delivery of legal services in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Our mission: to promote innovation by making legal services more efficient, more cost-effective, and more accessible.

Our vision is of a world in which all parties benefit from improved efficiency. Your clients benefit from services they can afford, and you increase your profits by helping more clients. ​

Future Directions

Our current focus is trademarks, and we have plans to expand our focus to include other types of IP, such as design patents (industrial designs) and copyrighted materials, as well as emerging Web 3.0 assets like NFTs.

Our Team

From Self-Driving Cars to Legal Tech

Huski.ai was founded by AI engineers and IP litigation professionals

As innovators ourselves, we believe that creativity and innovation are what drive us forward, and we want all individuals, professionals, and businesses of all sizes enjoy and benefit from the process of innovation. ​


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We look for the best, we pay the best (that we can), and we deliver the best.

Our Team

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Founded: 2020, Silicon Valley, USA

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