US Trademark Attorneys Ranking

As an AI-native company focused on the end-to-end lifecycle of the trademark, possesses the industry’s largest knowledge graph for trademark law based on its access to global and US trademark data.

For our report on the “The Top Trademark Lawyers in the US for 2022-2023,” we take a data-driven approach only, applying big data analytical algorithms to the millions of USPTO trademark applications throughout the years.

Candidates are scored according to a weighted index of objective performance metrics including – but not limited to – registration success rate, office action response success rate, registration speed, total filings, and more.

By taking this approach we remove any personal bias and judgement that typically skew results for more traditional rankings. is proud to present this year’s rankings in multiple segments below based on the evolution of the trademark practice in the age of AI and Web3. For more information on the methodology used for the rankings, please read our whitepaper on the methodology linked below.