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Trademark Attorney Profiles With Big Data

Everyone is familiar with LinkedIn profiles, the personal pages which showcase your career achievements, stories, and experiences to a wide audience of other professionals. LinkedIn first introduced this feature in 2003, creating enormous economic opportunities across a wide range of disciplines. However, search engines such as Google and LinkedIn do not provide all the features necessary to help clients find the best lawyers for their needs. Today, many professionals in the trademark domain are still waiting for tailored profiles to advertise their specialized abilities and create more opportunities for growth.

That’s where Huski comes in.

Here at, our mission is to promote innovation by making legal services more efficient, more cost-effective, and more accessible. We’ve built the best brand search engine possible in order to benefit trademark lawyers and professionals and protect the ownership of originality. Thanks to Huski’s smart usage of big data, it is now easier than ever for clients to find excellent lawyers for their trademark-related needs.

Introducing the first ever Attorney Achievement Profiles, generated automatically using big data and specifically tailored to trademark lawyers and professionals only. How can a Achievement Profile benefit you and your practice? Let’s find out.

Lawyer Professional Field

When a client first opens a particular profile, they’ll see the contact info for the lawyer or professional, followed by the Achievements section.

Timothy T Wang Lawyer Profile

This section showcases each lawyer’s stats on trademark-related issues, such as the number of trademark applications filed, how many brand owners they served, and how long their services take on average. This fundamental information helps match clients to the ideal attorney for their needs.

The Achievements section is followed by the “Lawsuits Related” section, which highlights the number of cases the attorney is involved with, indicating whether they represent the plaintiff or defendant in those cases.

Trademark Applications

Trademark Application

When applying for a trademark, one of the most important factors is the amount of time it takes to get approved. Therefore, clients typically look for attorneys with the fastest application rates. The following image shows a lawyer’s application time distribution compared to the industry average.

Clients also want to know about lawyers’ success rates for applications, the brand owners they represent the most frequently, and the countries/regions from which those brand owners operate. Thanks to, these stats are no longer a mystery.

Trademark Status; Represented Trademark Owners

Connections and Influence

Ready to get started?

First, claim the profile which belongs to you. After you’ve registered your profile, a “verified” icon will appear, announcing your availability to potential clients.

Next, Huski will automatically run search engine optimization to improve the visibility of your profile. Whenever someone Googles your name, law firm, or previous trademark applications and lawsuits, your profile will almost always appear in the early search results.

You can also effortlessly share your Huski profile via social media, email, or copied links to showcase your professional achievements and engage with existing and potential clients.

Contact Lawyer

Once a client has discovered your profile, they can send a message and connect directly via the “contact” icon. These messages function similarly to LinkedIn’s “InMails,” immediately notifying you of potential connections and opportunities.

Huski’s big data system has automatically generated a unique profile for almost every single trademark lawyer and professional in the United States. If you are one of them, claim your profile and start making meaningful new business connections today!