Trademark Case Research Has Never Been Easier

Litigation insights derived from the largest knowledge graph in trademark law

Trademark Case Research Has Never Been Easier

Through years of gathering, mining, and polishing data from trademark applications and offices, eCommerce product listings, and trademark litigation records, Huski has successfully built the largest knowledge graph in trademark law.

What is a knowledge graph? 
A knowledge graph (or semantic network) represents an expansive network of entities or concepts, illustrating the relationships between them. Huski’s graph encompasses millions of entities—trademarks, brand owners, attorneys, law firms, lawsuits, and related products—as well as the countless connections between them.

Trademark litigation data is a significant aspect of trademark research at large. For instance, if one company sues another over a trademark/branding issue, other related companies and brands may experience a ripple effect of potential implications. Huski’s search engine is designed to help attorneys and law firms handle these implications, enabling unlimited surfing across many different domains of data points, from litigation and trademark details all the way to their e-commerce appearances.

When you first open the lawsuit search page, you can view general insights derived from Huski’s knowledge graph, such as top trademark attorneys in litigation, impactful trademarks, etc. The insight section is followed by the detailed search function, allowing you to search by case name or number, trademark, party, attorney, and law firm. The search always lists the most recent cases in order to give you the latest information on the litigations you are following.

Lawsuit case page
trademark search page

Let’s break it down.

If you enter “Nike” into the lawsuit search page, you’ll see a detailed list of cases involving the company, the most recent of which was just last week. This search allows you to access information on the identities of the plaintiffs and defendants, as well as their attorneys. You can even see the case’s impact on the eCommerce listings you are currently watching.

If you are interested in a particular case, you can simply click to see more details.

lawsuit case detail page
StockX LLC. Company detail

The defendant in the above case is StockX LLC.

Through Huski’s lawsuit search page, you can find a detailed list of the company’s various trademarks, the status of those trademarks (Registered, Pending, Dead), other cases in which they were previously involved, the lawyers and law firms who worked on those cases, and much more.

AI and big data do the heavy lifting of cross-referencing relevant data across various domains, making it virtually effortless for you to find valuable litigation insights.

Last but not least, Huski’s subscription program eliminates the need to worry about litigation search fees. PACER search costs can accumulate quickly over time. Huski includes unlimited lawsuit searching to make your trademark litigation research efficient and hassle-free. Start your 7-day free trial today!

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