March 21st, 2023 |1:00pm ET/10:00am PT

Beyond the Hype: Achieving Real Results with AI in Your Trademark Practice

Are you tired of hearing about the supposed benefits of AI for your trademark practice, only to find that most solutions don't live up to the hype?

On Tuesday, March 21st at 10am ET/1pm PT, Tessa Molnar (Sales & Success) and Co-founder and CTO, Dr. Guan Wang, will discuss the cutting edge of AI and demonstrate 5 practical ways that AI can improve your efficiency, increase your cashflow, and enhance your client service.

Trademark professionals will learn about the latest developments in AI and how to distinguish tangible benefits from marketing hype. Participants of this event will also receive special discount opportunities for future subscriptions.

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Presented by

  1. Dr. Guan Wang
  2. Dr. Guan Wang
  3. Co-founder & CTO

Guan Wang is the co-founder and CTO at, an AI-native startup in Silicon Valley that helps IP professionals and brand owners to clear, manage and protect their brands and other digital assets. Dr. Wang is an AI expert and a serial entrepreneur. Before founding, he worked on AI chips in autonomous cars, self-driving systems, robotics, and advertising systems. Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Chicago under the supervision of Professor Philip S. Yu, a world-renowned computer scientist specialized in AI, and his B.S. degree from University of Science and Technology of China.

  1. Tessa Molnar
  2. Tessa Molnar
  3. Sales & Success Lead

Tessa Molnar, Senior Manager of Sales & Business Development at, works on all projects related to clients and community at Tessa’s professional experience has been in LegalTech, having worked for a global legal practice management solutions provider prior to joining Business-minded and passionate about the transformational power of technology, Tessa has contributed to publications appearing in World Trademark Review, Trademark Lawyer Magazine, and more. Prior to joining the legal industry, Tessa studied Linguistics and French at Temple University, where her research focused on indigenous language documentation and preservation.

About is an AI-native solution that’s designed to make practicing trademark law easier. Some of’s specific capabilities include:

Smart Docketing

Are you tired of toggling between docketing and other systems such as Outlook and CRM software? Look no further than's Smart Docketing system, which not only stores all your trademark information in one place, but also can be configured to send client notifications and integrate with CRM to streamline your daily tasks. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of docketing and hello to an efficient and automated solution with!

Advanced Text Search

Unlike other platforms that require knowledge of complex Boolean logic, our AI-powered search is capable of identifying similar terms, fuzzy, and phonetic matches automatically.

AI-based Image Search

Finding similar images is one of the most time-consuming tasks in trademark clearance.’s most advanced image recognition technology can find similar trademarks in less than 1 minute, saving you time and helping you avoid §2(d) likelihood of confusion refusals. With our powerful search, you can upload not only design marks but also trademarks in real-life and product images.

Client-Ready Trademark Clearance Report

Demonstrate your value and professional expertise with a customized comprehensive report and opinion letter that can be generated within 10 mins in a few clicks. Your clients can review actionable recommendations in a digestible format and visualize the likelihood of a successful registration for their proposed mark. And the best part? Our prices will save you up to 90% cost compared to pay per report services.

We look forward to seeing you!

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