Trademark Watch

Catch Potential Conflicts As Soon As
They’re Filed

USPTO pending application watch

Trademark SN:79009979

USTPO SN:  79009979

Trademark SN:85241837

USTPO SN:  85241837

Trademark SN:90739526

USTPO SN: 90739526

Trademark SN:97119579

USTPO SN: 97119579

Trademark SN:97200301

USTPO SN: 97200301

Trademark SN:97166553

USTPO SN: 97166553

There’s no need to wait for a mark to be published to the Gazette for opposition. ​ Save time and money by filing a Letter of Protest on the grounds of likelihood of confusion as soon as the conflicting application is filed.​

Design Search Codes Don’t Tell The Full Story​​

Image recognition technology for trademark watch.

Relying on design search codes to watch for conflicts can cause you to miss new applications that look confusingly similar. ​ Instead, use Huski’s advanced image recognition to find potentially conflicting trademark registration applications. ​

Design Search Codes Don’t Tell The Full Story​

Office Action Management

Everything you need in one place.

Office Action Management

Manage and respond to USPTO Office Actions, stay on top of important deadlines, and keep your clients informed – all with minimal effort.

Trademark Lifecycle Dashboard​

A bird’s eye view into your practice.

Your dashboard gives you a complete overview of your clients, their trademarks, related office actions, and risks detected.

Trademark Lifecycle Dashboard

Auto-load Your Trademarks In Seconds

A bird’s eye view into your practice.

Office Action Management

Automatically populate your dashboard with your clients and trademarks based on filing record details. ​
How long does it take? Seconds.

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