Trademark Image Search Gets Better - Product Updates Mar 25, 2022

Hey, Dear Huski Users

We are excited to release the following upgrades in our trademark search tool!

  1. Improved core image search engine upgrades to break down each image search into more detailed analyses for your professional review. The analyses are
    • Whole Image Analysis - Huski image engine will treat the entire trademark as one trademark and look for similar marks within more than one million image trademarks.
    • Image-to-text Analysis - We will detect any texts presented in the image and conduct exact and smart (we will soon have another topic to discuss smart text search strategies) text match accordingly.
    • Key Feature Analysis - Our engine will detect key regions in the image and treat these regions as respective trademarks and conduct one or multiple image searches in parallel. (You will always have the option to select a key region while uploading your image to perform an image search to the selected key region)
  2. Added trademark image search by design search code. Not familiar with Design Search Code? No worries. Just start typing what you want to search, such as dogs, or input entire or partial design search code, like 01.02.03, 01, or 01.01; we will display what the correspondent code is or what the code means.