Piling Up the Power of Trademark Search - Introducing Domain Name & Common Law Search with Huski AI

Our latest feature additions, i.e., Domain Name & Common Law Search, mark a significant milestone in streamlining the trademark search process and offer invaluable insights into brand protection.

Trademark search has evolved exponentially over the years, and Huski AI has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the domain. Traditionally, businesses relied on basic word searches and direct registrations to protect their trademarks. However, this limited approach often failed to provide comprehensive protection, leading to potential conflicts and infringements down the line.

Huski AI’s commitment to continuous improvement has led to the expansion of its search capabilities, ensuring that brands receive the utmost protection. The introduction of Domain Name & Common Law Search is a testament to Huski AI’s dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of its customers in an ever-changing digital landscape.
It allows users to identify and assess domain names that might infringe upon their trademarks. By incorporating domain name search into their trademark analysis, businesses can proactively protect their brands from potential misuse or dilution.

On the common law side, we enable the search of social handle search covering 19 major platforms that account for >95% social network usages globally.

As we continue to improve our trademark search coverages, trademark prosecution lawyers could have more data harvesting and analytical power at their finger tips.

What’s better for the users is that all the additional features are offerred with no additional cost. Our commitment to continuously enhancing the trademark search experience means that all our customers should enjoy a suite of ever-growing and helpful features without any additional financial burden. At Huski.ai, it’s not just about offering cutting-edge technology, but also about supporting our community in achieving their brand protection goals without compromise.

So, please enjoy yet another feature update this month!

Trademark Timeline & Notes

Our product is built with efficiency and collaboration in mind. Now you can see all current and past trademark events in one timeline, record inline notes, and/or tag your colleagues.