Huski AI's Buzzworthy Appearance at INTA 2023 Annual Meeting in Singapore

We were thrilled to make our presence known at the prestigious INTA 2023 Annual Meeting in Singapore. As a leading AI company, we were eager to reconnect with old friends and colleagues while showcasing the latest developments in the AI world that have significant implications for trademark practices.

Even before the event, we have received a ton of interests and meeting requests as we announced our presence. We promised exciting updates from our end and an opportunity to hear about the latest ventures of our visitors. Additionally, we had a special surprise for our guests - a free goodie bag filled with delightful surprises.

During the event, a major suprise was that our pink tote bags were an instant hit! The bags were the “it” item of #INTA2023, generating immense interest and demand among attendees. In no time, the bags were flying off the shelves, leaving us astonished and attendees crestfallen when we ran out of bags before the first day ended. The situation became so popular that we had to take down names to reserve bags for the next day, resulting in a looong waitlist by the end of the next day. The post-event accolades further reaffirmed our surprise. World Trademark Review recognized our pink, iridescent tote bag as the “Best exhibition hall freebie.”

Besides the surprise, we were deeply inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from the audience regarding our AI solution for trademark prosecution. Attendees were particularly impressed with our AI-powered features, including advanced trademark search capabilities, efficient docketing functionalities, and comprehensive trademark research tools. The integration of GPT-related features, such as USPTO Office Action Reesarch, garnered special attention and excitement among the participants. Many professionals in the trademark industry expressed their admiration for how our AI technologies have revolutionized their workflows, saving time and resources while enhancing the accuracy and quality of their trademark practices. The reception of our AI solution reaffirmed our commitment to providing cutting-edge innovations that empower trademark practitioners and elevate the standards of trademark prosecution in the digital era.

We are incredibly humbled and grateful for the overwhelming response and positive feedback we received during the event. The INTA 2023 Annual Meeting was a huge success for, and it has inspired us to continue pushing the boundaries of AI innovation to make a meaningful impact on trademark practices and beyond.

Thank you to all the attendees who visited our booth and joined us at INTA 2023. See you next year!