Embrace AI and Transform your Trademark Practice

Huski AI provides tools to assist you with the entire trademark lifecycle, namely search, watch, docketing, and online brand protection. In this article, we’re going to focus on our tools for trademark prosecution, but feel free to contact us to speak in greater detail about our trademark enforcement tools.

From Clearance Search to Opinion Letter in Minutes

When a client retains you to clear a proposed mark, it could take hours or even days to prepare a search report and draft an opinion. This is your search report and opinion letter generator in Huski ai. From here you’ll be able to run your search and draft your opinion in minutes instead of hours, you’ll save time and money and improve your client’s service.

Clearing a design mark is easy. With Huski AI. You don’t need any design search codes. Simply upload your image and click search. It’s that. You’ll see that I used a real life image as my search criteria rather than a mark drawing like most search engines require. This is because Huski AI’s image search is powerful enough to detect trademarks from real life images.

The search results are returned fast and displayed in a way that gives you the most relevant information at a glance. First, you’ll see that the search results are displayed in a way that provides you with meaningful information at a glance. First, you’ll see that the search engine was smart enough to pull the text from the image and run the search to our knowledge. No other trademark search engine has this capability. You’ll see that the first result, added cast, while not an exact match, is phonetically similar.

That’s the first advantage of using AI rather than a manual search tool like TESS via the USPTO. Huski AI automatically finds exact matches and similar matches at once, saving you hours of time into. You can toggle between the tech search results and the image search results.

Analyzing Search Results

Analyzing your results is easy. When you hover over the images, you can see the result next to your input image, which makes comparing the marks effortless. The next column over shows you key events in the prosecution history. For example, this mark. Abandoned for a failure to renew, not because it wasn’t registrable.

That’s important to know in case the rights owners decide to revive it. Huski AI makes it easy for you to arrive at these important decisions and have this critical information with minimal effort. You’ll also see that the AI found the Adidas mark right away, which is exceptionally impressive because one, it’s not an exact match, and two, it’s from a product image rather than a marked drawing.

We don’t know of any other systems capable of this level of analysis. Next, over here, you’ll see the litigation.

Huski AI’s search results include federal litigation data from Pacer to show you how litigious a brand is taken. Together. This data provides you with a more complete view and understanding of the ecosystem. Even better, the information is clickable for you to learn more effortlessly. Here you can see all of Adidas’s Federal litigations from the past five years.

When you click on a case. You can see the parties involved, like the brand owners and the lawyers. When you click on a brand owner, you can see the trademarks they own, the cases they’ve been involved in, and the law firms that they’ve worked with. We have various modules designed specifically for researching this type of information, which we’ll touch on short.

Switching tabs to come back to your search results. You’ll want to highlight Adidas’s Litigiousness in your report. You have a simple stoplight system of highlight colors for identifying the most concerning results.

Even better, there’s no more taking screenshots and copying and pasting them into your opinion letters, right from your results. You can add in your comments so they’ll appear directly in your client’s search report.

Huski AI was designed to save you time and money on routine tasks, allowing you to provide better service to your clients. Instead of spending your time finding relevant results, you can spend your time analyzing relevant results.

Opinion Letter through Huski

Down here at the bottom, you’ll click generate report. Your report can be configured with your firm’s branding, and it will only take a second to set.

Here you can adjust your registration rating. What do you think the likelihood of a successful registration is? You don’t have to include a number if you don’t want to, and you could instead write a caption. Next is the recommendation. The recommendation paragraph is designed for you to provide your clients with a succinct, actionable advice.

You’ll have plenty of space to elaborate and give a lengthier opinion and share your thoughts on the registration of the mark. You can pull sections and paragraphs from previous letters that you’ve already written, making it easy and efficient to prepare your analysis. In just a few clicks, you’ll have prepared a clean search report and opinion letter ready to be shared with your.

The layout of the final search report was designed with your clients in mind. The first page of the report answers their most critical question. What should I do? The report then provides more details and analysis all the way down to the actual search results. By default, your search results are organized from most concerning to least concerning based on your highlighting and your comments appear directly in the report.

Once you’re satisfied, your report is ready to be sent to your client. It’s quick and. On average, our clients are reporting cost savings of about $500 per search and opinion compared to manual methods.

Watching and Docketing

Managing your client’s assets throughout their lifecycles is essential to your job as a trademark attorney. With Huski AI, you can upload your entire portfolio to your dashboard in seconds. In the time it would take you to find and key in the serial number of just one trademark you represent, your entire portfolio has appeared in Huski AI.

![](/images/Watching and Docketing.png)

Your registered impending trademarks are automatically enrolled in watch services, so you’ll be alerted to any new applications that may conflict with or infringe your client’s marks.

Your first 300 marks is free with your unlimited search plan and it’s affordable to manage larger portfolio. That’s one of the key advantages of ai. In addition to faster speeds and improved accuracy, AI reduces the human labor involved making services like Huski AI’s Trademark watch significantly less expensive than those offered by other providers.

Plus, your design marks will also be watched, helping you find conflicts. Other service providers may.

Down here. You have unparalleled insight into your portfolio. You can see your clients, their trademarks and all actions and activities.

Right from Huski AI, you can manage all activities and deadlines related to the trademarks you represent. Huski AI will help you stay on top of all office actions and other USPTO activities like NOAs and SOU extension. In this way, Huski AI provides more than just. Watch services. You also have docketing built in, so you don’t have to toggle between disparate systems.

You can stay on top of deadlines with your convenient calendar view or list view, however you prefer to work. And unlike other docketing systems that are just calendar management, we give you the tools to help you respond to office.

If you were issued a refusal that requires a more substantive response. It’s helpful to see how other attorneys are responding to.

You can filter office actions and responses by action type and other criteria.

For example, maybe you only want to see successful responses. Clicking on a tag opens up the office action and the response into a new tab showing you exactly what you need to know. You can read through the actions and you can see how your peers were responding and what arguments they cited. So that you can understand what works.

It’s less effort for you and better outcomes for your clients.

Insights and Research

Office actions aren’t the only thing you can research from Huski ai. As I showed you earlier, we have many tools for you to search and glean further insight into the trademark and brand ecosystem.

First, you can search federal trademark litigations.

Next, you can search brand owners.

And third lawyers.

One of our clients has shared that these are her favorite features in Huski ai. She uses these tools to assess the litigiousness of potentially adverse parties and understand their behavior and experience in trademark work in general.

One of the first things all new Huski AI users do is look up their own names. At a glance, you can see key information.

You have their litigation details from pacer, their prosecution experience from the USPTO, and you can see what companies they represent rather than taking the time to go to different systems, you have it presented to you in a meaningful way. This is a key value add of AI.

AI can process data at far more efficient capacities than humans. Leveraging this technology, your data can be displayed in meaningful ways, showing you what matters and helping you make decisions faster. At Huski ai, we also want to help you with your business development efforts. A key challenge for most attorneys, so we created lawyer achievement profiles so you can let your data brag for.

Think of your lawyer achievement profile, like a LinkedIn profile that’s specific to your trademark work. It shows your litigation experience and your prosecution experience along with a breakdown of key metrics that your clients care about. You have full control over what’s displayed on your public profile.

Hijacking of attorney credentials for bad faith. Filing activity at the U S P T O is unfortunately a very real problem. As a service provider, we feel compelled to use our data and resources to help our community and protect legitimate filers. That’s why we created your monthly USPTO Lawyer Identity Protection Summary.

Your monthly report will summarize all USPTO filing activity in your name. The idea is that by staying on top of all the filing activity in your name, you’ll be able to catch and report any suspicious activity before it gets out of hand.


Now that you’ve seen what Huski AI can do, you’re invited to try for yourself. We encourage you to start a seven day free trial, or if you’d prefer set up a live demo with us to speak in greater detail about how we can help you. We look forward to assisting.