What Is Huski.ai?

Huski.ai exists to make brand protection and growth easy with cutting-edge AI.

Here is why and how.


Creativity is a precious core part of humanity, a brand is what makes a memorable impression of that creation on people.
A brand differentiates one business, service, or product from another; it represents the prized innovation that starts any venture. It also conveys core values, builds trust, and provides personal connections between a business and its consumers.

As the wealth of data and demand for specialization increase, more long-tailed brand owners emerge. In other words, brand owners can gain significant traction by producing smaller amounts of a unique, well-crafted product or service. Consumer behaviors are shifting away from buying generic products that merely suffice. Instead, consumers wish to buy branded products that fit their ultra-personalized needs. A decade ago, a brand owner may only mean a Fortune 500 company like Apple or Nike. Today, a brand owner could be a social media influencer or an indie artist working from home. Tomorrow, you and I could have personal brands in the Metaverse. We could exchange innovations with cryptocurrencies and certify them with NFTs. The bar to become a brand owner is more achievable than it has ever been–and soon enough, the opportunity will be accessible to anyone.

Sounds fantastic, right? There’s only one catch: creating and maintaining a brand is not hassle-free. There have always been and will always be infringers on your creativity and innovations. Somewhere, someone may be working on things very similar to yours, knowingly or unknowingly, and maybe branding them in the same way.

So, brand owners always want to be aware of two things:

  • Am I infringing on other’s brands?
  • Are others infringing on my brand?

Answering these two questions is gruelingly hard. First, one must have the skillsets or tools to gather such information in the vast information space crossing commerce, marketing, branding, and litigation. It also requires deep knowledge across different domains, such as market space insights, products, intellectual properties, litigation practice, and so on, to understand the problem and find possible remediation solutions. These challenges make it difficult, if not impossible, for emerging brand owners to even think about affordable brand protection solutions. These obstacles lead to unequal opportunities for smaller brand owners to grow their brands and focus on innovation.

There needs to be an affordable solution to answer those two questions in order to help brand owners protect their brands and give them peace of mind to focus on innovation and enjoy the benefits of their creations.

This is why Huski exists.


Our mission is to build the industry’s first and the best brand and insight search engine.

The goal is simple. The search engine is to identify where and how branded content is used in the eCommerce space in various formats, such as text, images, and even videos. The engine also generates actionable insights to help brand owners to understand the impact and take actions accordingly. Google is for organizing the world’s information, while Huski exists to organize (and understand) the world’s branding information.

An example of a search result given a product picture where the “modified” Peppa Pig information at the upper left corner was detected and recognized by our AI model and the detailed brand information is displayed on the right. All Trademarks displayed in the images belong to their brand owners, they don’t have any affiliation with Huski.ai

This article further explains the tech behind it.


We are a group of engineers and visionaries who made self-driving cars, combat decision engines, AI chips, recommendation systems, and more. As innovators ourselves, we strongly believe that hassle-free brand growth drives innovation forward, which in turn drives humanity forward.

We want to help individuals, professionals, and businesses of all sizes enjoy and benefit from the process of innovation.

It is paramount, it is fragile, and it is on us.