Client Testimonials

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Luke Zimmerman

Attorney focused on protecting intellectual property - USA

Fellow trademark practitioners, I recently came across some new software I am integrating into my trademark practice. I recommend you schedule a demo for to see how powerful the AI is at capturing evidence of use on e-commerce sites. Thus far, I am using it primarily for clearance searches and I am impressed with the search results.


Zixuan Wang

Partner at Kommit - India

They have built an AI search engine that searches US trademarks (both text and images or the combo of the both), integrated with CRM system to manage trademark’s lifecycles from clearance search, monitoring IP office action, potential conflicts from new trademarks, and potential infringement in eCommerce space. I was lucky enough to get the chance to see how the product works and I would highly recommend for those of you who frequently do trademark searches check out this incredible product.


Hannah Stitt

Partner at Tectonic, LLP - USA

We use the litigation and law firm search features to assess the litigiousness of potentially adverse parties while conducting trademark clearance searches. We also use those features to understand the experience level of other counsel and law firms in trademark practice generally, and at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. This tool is excellent!


Owner, Boutique IP Firm

Founding Partner, Boutique Law Firm - USA

I did enjoy the program. Feel free to turn off the free 7 day trial for my law firm email as I have already had the trial. I am excited about working within your platform for the year to come.